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Dr. Peter Wyns began preaching when he was a teenager and ministered the Gospel for more than 50 years. During those years he served as the senior pastor of four different congregations and planted several new churches. He founded a Christian school and a discipleship training ministry called Foundations Training Institute. For 40 years he has been happily married to Joy. They have 4 children and 12 grandchildren.


Dr. Wyns has extended apostolic oversight to more than a dozen congregations and has traveled to more than 41 nations teaching God's word. In recent years he continued his education and received a doctorate degree from North Carolina College of Theology.


In 2003 he joined Derek Prince Ministries serving as their Director of Ministry. He ministered across the USA and also led their Hispanic work around the world. This was a special blessing to Dr. Wyns because Derek Prince is his grandfather.


Dr. Peter Wyns is the President and Director of Ministry for "Christians for Messiah Ministries." In this capacity, much of his recent work has been that of an international Bible teacher and an apostle. In 2010, Dr. Peter Wyns became the senior pastor of Antioch International Church (which he helped co-found in 2006). He continues to travel with his wife Joy to churches and conferences around the USA. He loves to visit groups small and large. He is a friend to many and a great encouragement for pastors and congregations. Whenever he teaches, people are inspired. They are challenged to step out in faith and believe God for great things.


Although he teaches on a wide variety of themes, he is often called upon to speak on Israel in the Last Days, Breaking Generational Curses, The Book of Revelation, The Power of Prayer, and Equipping God's People for the Work of the Ministry.


Joy was born again at age fifteen and from the very start she pressed into God. Within the first few months of her salvation she received a miraculous healing in her leg and was also baptized in the Holy Spirit.


At age eighteen Joy married Peter Wyns and became a pastor's wife. In the early years she focused on raising her children, but found that she was soon called upon to counsel the women of the church. As her calling and gifting emerged, Joy was sought out by many women in the church and community. Her counseling gift demonstrated a high level of wisdom and spiritual strength and she regularly ministered to several women each day.


For many she was a pastoral lifeline, especially for those who were facing some measure of crisis. Joy has always been a woman of prayer. She co-led Intercessors for Canada with her husband and orchestrated intercessory prayer teams in the local church. She also helped facilitate prayer across the nation of Canada. She has partnerted with her husband in ministering healing, deliverance and breaking of curses over the lives of thousands of people. Several times she has set herself apart for extended forty day fasts.

As a pastor's wife, Joy has been an excellent worker and administrator. She has served the body of Christ sacrifically on more occasions than can be remembered. Her home has always been open for numerous events and administrations in the church and she has fulfilled her calling as a Christian leader and a skillful pastor. She is a devoted wife and a wonderful grandmother to her 13 grandchildren.


Jesse & Elizabeth Enns moved from Canada to the Carolinas in 2005.  They co-founded and have served as pastors at Antioch since it’s beginning in 2006.  As senior pastors, they oversee the day to day running of the church as well as the church staff and the many departments that function at Antioch.  

Together, they head up worship ministries, lead our elder and deacon teams, and provide pastoral care and oversight.  They are accomplished songwriters and performing artists.  Elizabeth received her doctorate in Theology from the NC College of Theology in 2017.  Both are amazing teachers of God’s word, and have a great love for people.  They have been married for 25 years, and love to minister as a team.  They are also involved in community engagement, founding Patriotic Students of America in 2021 and She Leads Carolinas in 2023.  In addition to this, they are very engaged in the political sphere, with Elizabeth running as a candidate for South Carolina Statehouse.  They have a very active family life, with their 3 sons – Ethan (17), Micah (15) & Asher (13), who have started their own business in Fort Mill and minister along side their parents at Antioch.  As a family, they are always on the front lines to advance the purposes of God. They really love Jesus, and love serving His people and the community around them.  

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