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Dr. Peter Wyns

Unexpected Fire
America in the Last Days: The Jonah Nation
Prayer That Hits The Target
Poetic Fire
The Powerful Little No Rapture Book
Proclamations for Life
Chronicles of Righteousness, Volume One
Chronicles of Righteousness, Volume Two
Israel's Coming Revival
Great Reward For Kids, Volume 1
Great Reward For Kids, Volume 2
Fighting Death
Blessings or Curses for the Next Generation

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Dr. Peter Wyns


Artist, Dynamic Teacher, a True Father, Anointed Leader, Anointed Apostle,

called to Break Curses, Heal the Sick and Raise the Dead.


Dr. Peter Wyns is Senior Pastor of Antioch International Church, 

a Father in the faith who continues to bring healing, deliverance 

and inspiration to all generations across the globe.

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